tutorial overlay
tutorial overlay
first tutorial screen
first tutorial screen

The first-time user tutorial flow provides the user with information about the features available within the INK notebook app.

Figma Location
1 – Welcome to INK


  1. The first-time user tutorial will automatically display to the user on the first use of the app
  2. The tutorial must be completed before the user can begin using the app
  3. The tutorial is advanced by the user tapping the single button on the page
  4. When the tutorial is completed, the user will be taken to My Notebooks

Field Definition

IDField NameDescription
1Let’s Go!Begins the tutorial advancing the user to the next page.

Display the five tutorial overlays in the following order:

1. Cover Page (shown)
2. Where do I start? (shown)
3. Personalize
4. Organize
5. Collaborate